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Financial Planning for Young Families

We provide peace of mind through proper planning. Your personalized, easy-to-understand financial plan covers all aspects of family life: spending & saving, cash flow, debt reduction, setting financial goals, investing, giving, employee benefits, home & auto affordability, estate and retirement planning, and reducing the risk of financially devastating events.

We specialize supporting overwhelmed parents. We align your values to your money goals, so you’re focused on the other important things (like potty training or parent-teacher conferences). You can feel confident and sleep soundly knowing you’ve got your financial house in order.

$1,200 Start-up, $200 monthly*
Includes 2-3 in-person meetings up-front, delivery of initial financial plan, ongoing review & our monthly service calendar, and full annual review.

*Clients with assets under management of $500,000 or more, financial planning services are included in the investment management fee.

Stork Package (Baby on the way)*

We will tackle all the important aspects of your financial life so you can create a prosperous future for your young family. You will learn how to maintain a spending plan (budget), pay off debt, plan for the unexpected, save and invest to achieve your long-term financial goals. You can feel secure in knowing that you’ve partnered with a financial expert.

$900 Start-up, $100 monthly*
Includes 2-3 in-person meetings up-front, delivery of initial financial plan, ongoing review & our monthly service calendar, and full annual review.

*Parents have a baby one year and under, pregnancy included – one-year relationship.

Point-in-Time Projects

One-time flat fee projects

Advice only; does not include outside account set-up or management of investments.

Education Planning $400 add-on/$600 flat-fee project
We will help you create a savings and investment strategy for your most expensive goal (outside of retirement). We listen to the educational goals for your family, review with you the various investment choices, conduct a tax-savings analysis, and tailor your educational savings plan to match. Investment vehicles include: 529 Plans, Roth, Coverdell, UMA/UTA, and Pre-paid tuition. (3 hours estimated for new client, 2 hours for existing clients)

Retirement Snapshot $600 flat-fee project only
We will assess how much money you need to be saving to reach your retirement goals; we will provide a personal risk analysis and determine how you should be invested and assets allocated; We will use a Monte Carlo simulation to suggest the probability of success; determine the best scenario for Social Security optimization; and when you can expect to achieve financial independence. You will receive a report on where you stand as well as an action plan to direct you toward reaching your retirement goals. Best for people within 10 years of retirement. (3 hours estimated for new client)

Outside Investment Allocation/Second Opinion $600 flat-fee project
For individuals who manage their own portfolio or use an outside advisor and aren’t sure if their investments are properly structured. This includes 401Ks, IRAs, taxable accounts, insurance products (including annuities), and more. We will conduct a risk assessment, review your current investment mix, investigate fees, and provide a complete written recommendation. (2½ hours estimated for new client)

Hourly Rate: $200
The flat-fee rates are based on the typical time frame for each project; these estimates may vary from person to person, as the complexity of each financial situation differs.

  • Peace of Mind through Personalized Financial Planning
  • Nobel Prize winning, Evidence-based Investment Strategies
  • Socially Responsible Portfolio Design using Low-cost Funds
  • Community Financial Education

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